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CannaLabs Cryptocurrency

CANLAB Crypto Token

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How to Buy CannaLabs Crypto Token

You need Juno crypto tokens to get CannaLabs crypto :

  1. Download & Install Keplr Wallet Google Chrome Extension.​

  2. Purchase Cosmos Atom token on Centralized Exchange (CEX) such as Coinbase,, Kraken etc..

  3.  Withdraw your purchased Atom tokens to your Keplr wallet.

  4.  Go to Osmosis Lab ( Decentralized Exchange (DEX), or WYND (

  5. Deposit your Atom. Swap Atom for Juno. Withdraw Juno tokens to your Keplr wallet.

  6. Go to Wynd DEX or Hopers DEX ( (

  7. Swap Juno tokens for CannaLabs (CANLAB) token.

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Roadmap 2023

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