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CannaLabs Cryptocurrency

CANLAB Crypto Token

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CannaLabs Crypto: Welcome

How to Buy CannaLabs Crypto Token

You need Juno crypto tokens to get CannaLabs crypto :

  1. Download & Install Keplr Wallet Google Chrome Extension.​

  2. Purchase Cosmos Atom token on Centralized Exchange (CEX) such as Coinbase,, Kraken etc..

  3.  Withdraw your purchased Atom tokens to your Keplr wallet.

  4.  Go to Osmosis Lab ( Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

  5. Deposit your Atom to Osmosis DEX in Assets. Swap Atom for Juno. Withdraw Juno tokens to your Keplr wallet.

  6. Go to Wynd DEX or Hopers DEX ( (

  7. Swap Juno tokens for CannaLabs (CANLAB) token.

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CannaLabs Crypto: About Me
CannaLabs Crypto: About
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Roadmap 2023

CannaLabs Crypto: Text
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